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Boards-Net Role Playing Guild Boards

We here at Boards-Net are providing a place to share your ideas and stories with others who share the same interests. A place to bring your guild members together, regardless of the different games they may play in. We felt that with so many online games available on the internet the community of role players had been somewhat lost. We hope to provide a place to rekindle the community feeling that might have been lost when your own guild members as well as other guilds moved on to other games.

We invite you join us here on Boards-Net, an exciting new posting board system. Each Guild or Group will have their on set of boards for posting. There is a wonderful board adminstrative package that will make it easy to monitor your boards.

We will have some general boards for information from the management of Boards Net and comments from you. We hope you will join to make this great fun for all.

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